Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Sacred Heart & Priesthood

When a young man aspires to become a priest, he must pattern his life after the Heart of Christ.  St. John Paul II reminded us of the importance of praying for priests, as they fulfill their special calling, when he established the Feast of the Sacred Heart as a special day of prayer for priests.

In 1675, Our Lord appeared to a French Visitation nun, Sr. Margaret Mary Alacoque.  He asked that devotion to His Sacred Heart be promoted and this feast to be celebrated.  In 1856, on August 25th, Blessed Pope Pius IX responded to this request by inscribing the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart in the Calendar of the Catholic Church, directing that it be celebrated on the Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi (the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Our Lord) each year.  Sr. Margaret Mary was later to be canonized on May 13, 1920, just five days before the birth of Blessed Pope John Paul II, who, towards the end of his great Pontificate established this day of prayer for priests on the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Today the Church observed this feast as the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests.

Since its establishment, it has taken on many forms. One particular event which has spread worldwide is the Global Priest Day Rosary Relay.

This powerful idea has grown to encompass 46 nations and 85 shrines across the world, who during the course of 24 hours pray the rosary continuously for our priests. This event has received the Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis.  Check out the website describing the details of the process.

Join in offering the rosary in thanksgiving to God for the gift of the priesthood, and implore the protection and loving care of Our Lady, Mother of all priests, upon those who have the power to bring Christ to us in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist!  "Where two or more, are gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst of them."

Friday, June 20, 2014

Fortnight for Freedom 2014

USCCB urges faithful to pray, fast and support this effort to protect our religious freedoms.

The Fortnight for Freedom: Freedom to Serve will take place from June 21 to July 4, 2014, a time when our liturgical calendar celebrates a series of great martyrs who remained faithful in the face of persecution by political power—St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, St. John the Baptist, SS. Peter and Paul, and the First Martyrs of the Church of Rome. The theme of this year's Fortnight will focus on the freedom to serve the poor and vulnerable in accord with human dignity and the Church's teaching.

For more information: see their website:

In God we Trust!!