Saturday, October 26, 2013

Priesthood Sunday, Last Sunday in October

The reasons for today's celebration of Priesthood Sunday should be obvious. The number of priests per Catholic has declined over the past 40 years. This makes it more difficult for individual parishioners to establish a close relationship with any one particular Pastor.  Furthermore, priests are no longer the only ones who offer pastoral care to our people. Yet without a priest, no parish is able to be a Eucharistic community. It is important to reaffirm the importance of the priesthood of Jesus Christ and its central place in the life of our Church.

Pope Emeritus Benedict has said that the function of priests is essential and irreplaceable in announcing the Word and celebrating the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.  Consequently, it is vital to ask the Lord to send workers into His harvest and that these workers are faithful to their identity.

Please join me on this special day, Priesthood Sunday, in praying for all priests, in praising God for their courage and their generosity. Think of the priests who have made a difference in your lives:  the priest who baptized you, the priests who gave you the blessing of the sick or were present at family gatherings, the priests who married you or buried a loved one, the priests from whom you received the Eucharist or the sacrament of reconciliation.  A simple note, a smile or a phone call will assure them of your gratitude for their presence in our lives and in the life of our churches and go a long way to serve the greater good of our wonderful and growing Catholic Church.

A Prayer for Priests
Lord Jesus, we your people pray to You for our priests. You have given them to us for OUR needs. We pray for them in THEIR needs.

We know that You have made them priests in the likeness of your own priesthood. You have consecrated them, set them aside, anointed them, filled them with the Holy Spirit, appointed them to teach, to preach, to minister, to console, to forgive, and to feed us with Your Body and Blood.

Yet we know, too, that they are one with us and share our human weaknesses. We know too that they are tempted to sin and discouragement, as are we, needing to be ministered to, as do we, to be consoled and forgiven, as do we. Indeed, we thank You for choosing them from among us, so that they understand us as we understand them, suffer with us and rejoice with us, worry with us and trust with us, share our beings, our lives, our faith.

We ask that You give them this day the gift You gave Your chosen ones on the way to Emmaus:
Your presence in their hearts,
Your holiness in their souls,
Your joy in their spirits.
And let them see You face to face in the breaking of the Eucharistic Bread.

We pray to You, O Lord, with Mary, the mother of priests, for Your priests and for ours. Amen.


  1. Priesthood Sunday? Whatever happened to the Feastday of Christ the King? The leadership in the current hierarchy is an abomination. Even the Protestants are on to Francis--what an awful sacrilege!

  2. Thank you for your comment! Perhaps you are unaware that the Holy Father transferred this Feast to the last Sunday of the Liturgical year, thereby signifying its' great importance, because Christ is our last end. He is our pathway for entrance into His Kingdom. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Also, perhaps you will want to read the Vatican website to see exacting what Pope Francis is saying and not rely upon the media to interrupt it. Thanks for sharing! Let us pray for one another!

  3. Thank you for the tip to check the Vatican website, but it has already been made clear by pope Francis himself that one not believe in "a Catholic God" to be saved. Yes, let's pray on the situation.


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