Thursday, January 17, 2013

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This week January 18th - 25th, is a week dedicated to prayer for all christians to unite in Christ.  Christ's prayer at the Last Supper was "that they all may be one, as you Father, and I are one." (John 17)

Perhaps this week as we pray for unity, may we recognize the desire of christians to follow Our Lord.  Let us ask the Holy Spirit to lead all to the fullness of the Truth of Christ, and to give us the strength to seek unity, to establish peace on earth.  This peace will only be found in following the call of God, and recognizing His Truth.

Prayer for Unity

Lord Jesus Christ, at Your Last Supper, You prayed to the Father that all should be one.  Send Your Holy Spirit upon all who bear Your name and seek to serve You. Strengthen our faith in Yu, and lead us to love one another in humility.  May we, who have been reborn in one baptism, be united in one faith under one Shepherd. Amen.  (from Ut Unam Sint, Pope John Paul II)

For more information on the Prayers for Christian Unity for 2013, visit the USCCB.

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