Sunday, December 11, 2011

Journey to Bethlehem

During this third week of Advent, follow Mary on her journey to Bethlehem, where with trust and faith in the providence of God, she knew all would be done according to His Will.  Mary knew that this time was but the beginning of God's new favors to men. That this moment was to bring us a new and special source of grace. All generations had been waiting through the centuries for this manifestation.  How long O Lord, how long?, had been their cry. 
Let us unite with Mary in her expectation, as she and St. Joseph travelled to Bethlehem.  We know what scripture tells us about their arrival.  There was no room in the Inn, no acceptance of the Gift that would be theirs.    As we make this journey these last couple weeks of Advent, let us concentrate on preparing a room in our heart for the Promised One.  This room will be adorned with finest gold: the love in our hearts.  The furnishings will be our small acts of self-denial, the loving kindness shown to a friend, the cheerful acceptance of the trails and sufferings of our daily lives, quiet time spent in contemplating the infinite love of a God, who would come save us.  And on Christmas, with Mary, we can then behold His face, and respond yes to all that He has planned for our lives.

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