Thursday, August 11, 2011

St. Clare of Assisi

There is a beautiful section about St. Clare in a book entitled Clothed with Gladness that ties in with the Marian spirit of our community.  Reflecting on the prayer and contemplation of St. Clare, the author Sister Mary St. Paul wrote of  Saint Clare’s intimate relationship with Mary, the Mother of God.

“They lived heart-to-heart.  Together they ‘treasured all these things and reflected on them.’  Just as Spirit-filled prayer and reflection changes that person truly docile to their transforming power, so the prayer of Clare opened out into an entire mode of being in identification with the Virgin Mary, even in her unique divine motherhood.  In a letter to Saint Agnes of Prague, Saint Clare opened this potential to her, and to all of us, recalling that the glorious Virgin of virgins carried Christ within here – materially, physically.  Those who follow in her footsteps, by humility and especially by poverty, also carry him spiritually in their chaste and virginal bodies.
This ‘possession,’ more secure than any earthly gain, becomes a veritable life. In the ‘form of life’ which Saint Francis gave Saint Clare and her sisters, he described their Trinitarian call in terms of relationship: ‘By divine inspiration you have made yourselves daughters and handmaids of the…heavenly Father, and have espoused yourselves to the Holy Spirit…’
These are precisely Marian positions.”

As we celebrate the feastday of St. Clare, we pray that she may inspire in us a great love for Our Blessed Mother and thereby bring us closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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