Friday, July 1, 2011

Feast of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart

Much can be said about the tradition in the Church to the Heart of Christ and His Immaculate Mother. In her wisdom, the Church has placed these two feasts side by side, during the liturgical year. How appropriate because Mary who is always concerned for the eternal salvation of mankind, showed on Calvary that her maternal heart was one with the pierced Heart of Christ.

Pope John Paul II in a homily at Fatima on May 13, 1982, tells us: “When Jesus said on the Cross, 'Woman, behold your son,' he opened his Mother's heart in a new way, he showed her the Immaculate Heart and revealed the new dimension and the new significance of love, to which she was called in the Holy Spirit with the power of the sacrifice of the Cross.....”

“The Immaculate Heart of Mary, was open to the word, “Woman, behold your son.” It went to meet spiritually the heart of the Son opened by the soldier's lance. The Heart of Mary was opened by the same love for man and for the world with which Christ loved man and the world, offering himself even on the cross, even to that stroke from the soldier...”

“The solicitude of the Mother of the Savior is solicitude for the work of salvation, the work of her Son. It is concern for salvation, for the eternal salvation of mankind.....”

So remember to consecrate oneself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary means to bring back mankind to the pierced Heart of Jesus, the very source of our Redemption. These two Hearts are one!

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